Peer Educators Orientation Workshop

Hello Dear Readers,

We thank you for keeping in touch with all our programs through our website and Facebook page. We further thank those that have always put their comments about our activities.

On the 26th.06.2019 we held our annual leaders orientation workshop and out of the 14 member schools, 12 participated and the two were un able to attend due to some un avoidable circumstances.

At this workshop, we were able to catch up with 181 peer educators , out of them 94 were males and 87 females.

Several activities took place on this day and every student participated, we had a number of Reproductive Health topics that were discussed by senior peer educators who are now Professional medical workers, they include Dr. Nyarwa Clovis who is A pharmacist, Dr. Muhiirwa Andrew who is A gynecologist and Mr. Twesige Emmanuel who discussed Leadership Skills among young people.

All the above facilitators were once peer educators in different schools. We have nurtured them and made them what they are through our program. They feel proud to associate with us every time.

Furthermore, we had 7 schools that participated in the Music Dance and Drama. Many items were presented such as Skits, Plays and Poems.

We thank you for your support!

See Photos Below.

Peer Educators listening to the facilitator at the workshop.
The program Director also attended the workshop
Peer Educators at Mpanga Secpndary School Main Hall
The Out going PEK District Excutive Chairperson with PEK STAFF.
Kabarole Adventist Secondary School Peer Educators posing for a photo after the training.
St. Maria Gorretti Girls posing for a photo after the workshop
Kahinju Secondary School posing for PHOTO AFTER the workshop
St. Leos’ College posing for a photo after the workshop