July-August Activities 2019

Dear Readers

Peer Education Kabarole is grateful for your continued support. It is always our pleasure to inform you about any progresses which make as an organization.

The months of July and August have been so busy for us whereby we have been conducting a number of activities. We had a chance of moving around some schools with one of our partners from HEAL International as indicated in the pictorial below. We managed to conduct training sessions in 14 schools and one radio talk show.

We are very aware that that this month students are going for a 3 weeks break off, We want to remind you that please keep yourselves safe and clean. Avoid bad peer groups and stay focused.


Miss Annet, matron Peer education Club at Kyebambe Girls talking to the girls.
Miss Annet, of Kyebambe Girls SS talking to the girls
Peer Educators of Kyebambe Girls SS posing for a group photo after the training
Mpanga SS peer educators participating in the radio talk show
Dr. Arif attending to peer educators at Kabarole Adventist Sec School
Dr. Arif attending to peer educators
A facilitator attending to peer educators at Kabarole Adventist SS
Kabaroel Adventist SS Peer Educators posing for a group photo
Kamengo SS Peer Educators presenting a cultural dance for the students
Peer Educators performing a cultural daqnce
peer educators performing the cultural dance
peer educators performing a cultural dance
Dr. Arif talking to peer educators at Kamengo SS