Radio Talk Show Aug 2017

Hello our esteemed peer educators and readers, we are glad to inform you that Mountains of the Moon University, a community University based in Fort Portal town in Western Uganda has offered us(Peer Education Kabarole) an opportunity to always have a one hour talk show at their local radio station.

The talk show is all about sexual reproductive health education and leadership skills among young people. Our first talk show took place on the 27th/08/2017 at 2:00pm to 3:00pm. Our talk show will always be aired on Sundays from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.
Since this was our first time to be hosted on this radio, we majorly talked about the our program overview.

This month we hope to be hosted on 24th/09/2017 and our topic is Personal hygiene and sanitation in our immediate environments.
below are some of photos we took during the radio talk show.

peer educators pose for a photo in the studio

a group photo outside the studio

Music, Dance and Drama Event July 2017

We are glad to inform you that our event took place and was successful. A number of schools attended and only six schools participated in the MDD as earlier planned.

Kabarole Adventist Secondary School Peer Educators performing their folk song. these were our play/skit category winners 2017/2018


The purpose of this workshop was to orient incoming executive members and to recognize the service of the outgoing members.

A total of 159 Peer Educators from 13 schools were represented at this program. The following is a list of the schools and attendees:

  1. Nyakasura Secondary – 14 Peer Educators
  2. King of Kings College-13 Peer Educators
  3. Kamengo SS – 13 Peer Educators
  4. Kitumba SS-13 Peer Educators
  5. Fort-Portal SS – 14 Peer Educators
  6. Kahinju SS – 13 Peer Educators
  7. St Leo’s College- 13 Peer Educators
  8. Ruteete SS -13 Peer Educators
  9. Rwimi SS – 1 Peer Educator (due to lack of transport costs)
  10. St Paul’s College – 13 Peer Educators
  11. Kibiito SS- 13 Peer Educators

St Maria Gorretti SS – 13 Peer Educators

  1. Mpanga SS – 13 Peer Educators

Guests included Mr. Akora George William from YAWE, Mr. Arinaitwe Christopher from RHU, Mr. Dabo Gideon from Mountains of the Moon University, Mr. Birungi Denis and Miss. Kemigabo Catherine who was ourGuest of Honour.

Kamengo Peer Educaors Presenting a Poem
Kamengo SS Peer Educators Presenting a Poem at Workshop

Peer Education Training Held on 08th/Oct/2013 at King Of Kings College at 4pm

I am glad to report to you about peer education training that was held at King of Kings College on the date mentioned above at 4pm.

Like we have always done in other schools and King of Kings being one of our member schools on the date mentioned above we held a peer education training in their school main hall and all students (about 200) were present and their deputy head teacher was the chief mobiliser for this activity.

On this day a number of topics were presented on various reproductive health issues such as cervical cancer, STIs, HIV/AIDS, condom use (both male and female condoms).

Most interesting, present with us was a youth who works with Kabarole Hospital who has been a victim of HIV/AIDS since childhood and has lived for over twenty (20) years with the virus. He encouraged the youth to be free and test for this virus and be careful with life. In his last words he told the peers that he was born with the virus, and mother-to-child transmission could have led to his infection.

We also had two peer educators from Mpanga secondary school who demonstrated the use of both male and female condoms.

A presentation on cervical cancer was done by a counselor from one of our partners, Reproductive Health Uganda(RHU). We are grateful to RHU for their continuous support towards peer education activities, they provided us with both female and male condoms

Dr Arif was also present and in his address to the students he encouraged them to have principles guiding their lives and daily decisions. The program manager was also present and thanked all students for turning up and promised to work hand in hand with the peer education club at King of Kings College to raise the standards of peer education activities in that school.

After the training, 44 (forty four) peer educators stayed behind for a brief meeting with us and we agreed that we would visit them again on 17th /oct/2013 at 4pm to discuss more about the club activities.


One of the facilitators sensitizing Students of King of Kings on HIV/ AIDS.

Peer Education Training – August 2013

On August 18, 2013, an outreach training of Peer Educators took place at the Kyebambe Girls Secondary School in Fort Portal. This school has a total student population of approximately 1,000 of which 80 students have been selected as Peer Educators.

At this training session, 36 students were trained in peer leadership as well as reproductive health topics. The facilitators mainly concentrated on qualities, roles, activities of a peer education club as well as general qualities of a leader. Training in reproductive health topics mainly centered on HIV/AIDS, life skills and contraception. This training was conducted by the Denis, thePEK Coordinator, and Daphine, a senior and pioneer Peer Educator.

The session was very interactive whereby Peer Educator were involved in role plays such as the 3 – model approach of decision making role play in which Peer Educator explored the necessary steps involved in making a wise decision when faced with a situational paradox in matters regarding decisions about sex. In this role play Peer Educators are required to make three decisions, write three consequences, both negative and positive and then weigh the consequences before making a final decision.