PEK MDD Competition 2018 Announcement

Dear Peer educators,

Thank you for all your doing in your respective schools to ensure that our aims and objectives as health educators and young leaders are achieved! Remember at our last year annual meeting we agreed in the year 2018 our slogan shall be “YOUNG PEOPLE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE” ,  We are once again pleased to inform you that this is working so much at Rwimi Secondary School. They have put this in action and we encourage you all to adapt it, and practice it.

About our 2018/2019 music dance and drama competition, we have made slight changes from last year’s procedures and requirements for all participants as follows:

  • We shall have only three(3) categories /items in our competition ie   1- Art and poetry were by painting of your art piece is a must. 2 – Folk song and cultural dance ; this shall require your group to submit a written script of your folk music before you step up on the platform. 3 –  Skit and play ; your group shall submit a written script of the skit and play prior to your presentation.
  • Only eight (8) schools shall be allowed to participate in the music dance and drama competition since we do not have enough time to handle more than 8 schools if we must do smart work.
  • Registration of all member schools that shall participate in the music dance and drama competition shall begin a week prior to the competition date.

Therefore all schools are hereby informed to keep awake for this program and selection is based on first come first  serve.


These were our judges and trophies for last year 2017/2018 competitions that were held at Mpanga Secondary School.
Art and Poetry Category winners for last year

Thank you

School Training Feb 2018

Our esteemed readers and peer educators, we feel  so happy  when we inform you about the good works our peer education clubs are doing in their respective schools

Last month we conducted a number of sexual reproductive health and leadership training in a three schools and one radio talk show at Mountains of the  Moon University FM radio. We were able to visit the following schools :-

Kibiito Secondary School

Rwimi Secondary School

Kabarole Adventist Secondary School

The following are some of the photos we took during our training sessions in these schools

Rwimi Secondary School peer educators pose for a photo during a fashion show at their school.
Kabarole Adventist Peer educators pose for a group photo after a training at their school


Kyebambe Girls pose for a group photo after a radio talk show at Mountains of the Moon University FM radio.

Kyebambe Girls during a radio talk show Mountains of the Moon University FM radio

Students at Rwimi SS watching peer educators performing at a fashion at their school.