On 23/06/2018  we were able to conducted our annual workshop and Music, Dance and Drama competitions at St.Leo’s College in Fort Portal Town. A number of activities were conducted such as sexual reproductive health education presentations from different facilitators, this took place in the morning hours(9:00am to 12 : 00 pm) and our Music Dance and Drama competition kicked off at 2 : 00 pm to 5 : 00 pm. The Music, Dance and Drama competition had three categories for all participants to compete as follows:-

1 – Art and Poetry          2 – Folk Song     3 – Skit / Play

Kyebambe Girls Secondary School emerged the winner of the art and poetry category.

Rwimi Secondary School also emerged winner of the Folk song category.

St.Leo’s College emerged winner of the Skit/Play category.

However, seven schools out of fifteen were able to participate in the competition and these schools include;

St.Leo’s College

St.Maria Gorretti Girls Secondary School

Kyebambe Girls Secondary School

Mpanga Secondary School

Kabarole Adventist Secondary School

Rwimi Secondary School

Kamengo Secondary School

attached are some of the photos 

A facilitator from YAWE Foundation attending to peer educators during the session.

   A team of judges    A team of  judges that were present.


  St. Leo’s Boys College presenting their items 

St. Leo’s College Boys celebrating after being announced winners of the Skit / Play category St. Leo’s College receiving the trophy 



Kyebambe Girls Presenting a poem.                        Kyebambe Girls Receiving a trophy

     Kyebambe Girls 

 Peer educators listeninig to the presenter.

  Peer educators present in the workshop

 Rwimi  School receiving their trophy

     Kabarole Adventist presenting their poem

Those are some of the photos that we captured, However we will also upload some video clips of the workshop soon.